True All-Source, All-Domain and Cross-Domain Cyber Intelligence Mission Command.

Key Features

OMEGA™ can be easily configured to meet your operational needs. From big data analytics to intelligence collection and global situational awareness all in one easy to use platform.

Maintain full ownership of your data

OMEGA™ is the only platform capable of connecting billions of disconnected and disparate databases and data sources from all domains, across all classification levels, without moving or copying the data. Achieve the scalability and flexibility to move at the speed of data.

OMEGA™ revolutionizes how disparate data is cleaned, organized, and integrated through true data federation. We keep your data secure by not consolidating it. Instead, we simply index the data and use privileged separation to index your data sources.

Enrich your data

OMEGA™ integrates next-generation All-Source and All-Domain intelligence collection capabilities. Our exclusive QAI capability features exceptionally mature, highly qualified, and reputable Quantum Artificial Intelligence powered digital entities that dominate low security environments such as the open web and social media, deep /dark web, all the way up to high security environments.

QAI gather more data than the best undercover agent and transmit the data without leaving a traceable fingerprint. Your internal data may capture the corners of the proverbial puzzle, but we have the pieces that complete the picture on the box top.

Data from private forums, groups, and marketplaces that reside in the deepest and darkest corners of the internet are correlated to your existing data sources. We are able to de-anonymize and identify people operating as online personas across the web using all the data we have collected. We can identify networks of terrorists, criminals, and other malevolent groups that seek to harm the United States.

Switch from reactive to proactive

Using our proprietary Supervised Machine Learning datasets, algorithms, and models, we have taught OMEGA™ how to find hidden connections across all sources of data. OMEGA™ enables our users to not only exploit known threats but to reveal unknown and emerging threats.

Using OMEGA™ simple Event-Action-Condition (EAC) engine, you can intuitively create advanced rules using simple text-based keywords. From geospatial activities across all domains to threat behavior analytics, stay informed in real-time as soon as new information emerges.

Stop reacting to events – leverage the power of OMEGA™ to shape them.

Security & Deployment

We offer three hosting options – self-hosted (on premises), self-managed (AWS / Azure) or SST Managed. We recommend cloud-based deployment for maximum efficiency. Infrastructure is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud or in Azure Government.

OMEGA™ is GDPR, HIPPA, SOX and ISO compliant and on track to be FedRAMP and FIPS 140-2 compliant.

All connections are secure with HTTPS. Data is encrypted with AES256 encryption both at rest and in transit. Support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Strict audit trail and purpose/role based access is enforced at the workspace, document and field level. Services run in a private subnet within a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Access to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) only via a dedicated secure, peer-to-peer Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Open Architecture

OMEGA™ was built on an open architecture approach. Making it easy to integrate with any 3rd party software or service.

Users can use the simple to use interface or use the built-in REST API for more advance operations.