True All-Source, All-Domain and Cross-Domain Cyber Intelligence Mission Command.


You may have the corners of the puzzle within your own data sources, but OMEGA™ fills in the rest of the picture.

Control your own data

OMEGA™ revolutionizes how disparate data is cleaned, organized, and integrated through true data federation. OMEGA™ keeps your data secure by NOT consolidating it in a centralized database.

We simply index the data and apply privileged separation to protect your information. OMEGA™ is the only solution that seamlessly and virtually connects all databases and data sources your organization controls. OMEGA™ does this securely and without copying, moving, or modifying your data in any way.

Integrate Trillions of disparate records from an unlimited number of complex, disconnected and dispersed databases at Petabit scale - in near real-time.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Using our proprietary Supervised Machine Learning datasets, algorithms, and models, we have taught OMEGA™ how to find hidden connections across all sources of data. Experience the power to accelerate known threat exploitation and the revelation of seeing and understanding unknown and emerging threats.

Using OMEGA™ simple Event-Action-Condition (EAC) engine, you can intuitively create highly complex rules using simple text-based keywords. From geospatial activities across all domains to threat behavior analytics, stay informed in real-time as soon as new information emerges.

All Source Intelligence Collection

OMEGA™ exclusive Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI) capability features exceptionally mature, highly qualified, and reputable Quantum Artificial Intelligence digital entities. Our large-scale array of QAI digital entities act as digital “undercover agents” to perform continuous All-Source Collection from low security environments such as the open web and social media, deep /dark web, all the way up to high security environments.

Our QAI capability continuously collects and stores high value information at exponential scale. OMEGA™ provides exclusive access to high value information from the darkest corners of the net, to include private groups, chats, forums, and marketplaces. Gain immediate insight into impenetrable areas that remain inaccessible without extensive preliminary intelligence operations and the creation of proper credentials.

Action Oriented Interface

Our easy-to-use interface was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of warfighters, intelligence analysts and commanders. Maximizing full interoperability, OMEGA™ provides users their own dedicated interface that is accessible from any commercial web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) and all operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux).

OMEGA™ includes advanced visualizations such as Natural Language Processing and Topic Explorer that can automatically extract key phrases and topics from text-based data with support for over 100 languages. Integrated Entity Extraction and Entity Resolution seamlessly and automatically connect seemingly unrelated data points to streamline and accelerate the analytics process.

OMEGA™ enables analysts to focus on what they do best - transform information into actionable intelligence. OMEGA™ gives decision makers the power of knowledge to direct decisive actions.