Our Story

We formed this company and developed our products to provide joint warfighters “Decision Dominance” over malevolent actors around the globe to protect our Service Members, citizens, and communities from harm. Our tier one technologists, coupled with highly competent joint warfighters design systems to create synergy between the intelligence community and joint forces in the physical domain.

Our passion is to allow commanders to visualize the enemy and act by reducing decision cycle time to reduce operational risk for our warriors and optimize the employment of finite resources to defeat our enemy on all fronts.

Thus, our mission was born - Find a way to provide our Warfighters a dominant capability to defeat adversaries in cyberspace. Then something remarkable transpired. We found that actions in cyberspace can not only influence human cognition, but they can also lead to achieving decisive outcomes in the physical domain.

Make no mistake, the ongoing cyberwar is the critical component of competition short of armed conflict.

Our mission is to deny safe haven for malevolent actors that threaten our Nation by designing and providing tools for those who protect our families and communities globally!

Special Support Technologies is a combat veteran created enterprise purpose built with former intelligence and cyber experts to generate cutting edge solutions for operations in the Cyberspace domain.

In a noticeably short time, our company has developed several high end ISR capabilities in the cyberspace domain. We now have several product lines that offer solutions to capability requirements in the ISR realm while expanding into the information space and network defense solutions.

Special Support Technologies was founded on these core values:

It’s all about Humans. Humans are more important than anything else.
Making the world a safer place to protect our communities that families call home.
Quality over Quantity any day, any time.
When we are called to action - we always respond.