We have built a number of platforms and capabilities specifically designed to help our warfighters know more, do more; Faster and more effectively.

Support our warfighters

We started out as a group of senior national defense experts and multi-tour combat veterans began a collaboration with world class technology professionals. Our initial discussions began as an attempt to collectively understand the current and future implications of emerging service doctrine for cyber operations.

We quickly recognized the growing cyber threat to the US and its allies from nation state actors like China and Russia. As we assessed the situation, it soon became apparent that the secret of future victories lies in gaining a dominant position in the cyberspace domain.

Make no mistake, the ongoing cyber war is the critical component of competition short of armed conflict.

Thus, our mission was born - Find a way to provide our Warfighters a dominant capability to defeat adversaries in cyberspace. Then something remarkable transpired. We found that actions in cyberspace can not only influence human cognition, but they can also lead to achieving decisive outcomes in the physical domain.