Law Enforcement

Connect your data, enrich it with ours to get a more complete picture, close cases faster and transition from reactive to proactive

Move from reactive to proactive

We live in a world that is fundamentally transformed through unabated digital connectivity. People create and generate tremendous amounts of data, so much so that we are witnessing the evolution of our digital personas that interact with the environment in very real ways, to include the proliferation of all aspects of criminality.

Understanding and collecting the sheer volumes of proliferate data to better understand the digital environment remains a preeminent challenge for our law enforcement community. Bringing all that data together is a critical first step in addressing the challenge, however, other challenges remain.

We have created a suite of special purpose all-source, all-domain, and cross domain law enforcement intelligence collection and analysis platforms to aid our law enforcement professionals in addressing these challenges.

Our law enforcement platforms range from True All-Source, All-Domain, Cyber Intelligence Command & Control capabilities to secure communications and cyber security.

Our unwavering objective is to leverage our decades of government, military, and industry experience to provide cutting edge capability to help those who keep us safe in our communities.

The Data you need, when you need it, where you need it