True All-Source, All-Domain and Cross-Domain Cyber Intelligence Mission Command.

value proposition

  • Bring all your different databases and datasources together without moving or copying your data. Enrich your data to increase veracity of intelligence to gain cost and time efficiency on operations in the physical as well as cyberspace domain.

  • Achieve decision dominance through the rapid generation of actionable intelligence by organic analysts. One analyst with OMEGA™ is the equivalent of hundreds working 24/7.

  • Complete the intelligence picture in one platform to focus finite resources.

  • Reduce operational risk to physical domain assets before mission deployment and operations.

  • Optimize budgets by increasing mission success probability through unique, highly valuable and enriched intelligence analysis.

  • Capitalize on AVINT as a new source of intelligence while integrating all other sources to complete the picture.

  • Protect your own data through true data federation and privileged separation while complying with minimization procedures.

  • Grow your analyst base and retain your personnel by giving them the tools to do their jobs.

  • Achieve decision dominance across all domains and defeat the adversary on multiple fronts.

Make better decisions

Faster and more effectively