Predict and Identify Cyber Threats BEFORE They Materialize!

Stop reacting, mitigating and remediating damages and start being proactive. Predict and defend against malicious campaigns before they hit. Identify and understand the advisories tactics, techniques and procedures before its too late.

Stay one step ahead the enemy.

The ORION™ Platform is the first truly, end-to-end solution for reliable, and most importantly actionable cyber threat intelligence.

ORION™ is the window into your threat landscape. Delivering reliable and actionable forensic as well as predictive intelligence. Assisting security personnel to identify and quickly close detection gaps to prioritize resources to defend against real – not theoretical – cyber threats.

ORION™ produces unique high value intelligence collected directly from threat actors’ internal communications networks. Capitalizing on ORION™'s unique access, security analysts are able to receive early warning on pending attacks as well as clearly identifying the threat actor, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), exploits, malware and infrastructure to be used in the attack.

ORION™ enables organization to more effectively and efficiently defend their infrastructure, networks and employees.

In addition to identifying future attacks, ORION™ also empowers security professionals to forensically investigate cyber-attacks that already happened. Identify who was behind the attack, how the attack happened and most importantly what information and systems were compromised.

Key Capabilities:

  • Predict and anticipate future attacks by collecting high value intelligence directly from potential threat actors, giving you early warning on pending attacks
  • Discover Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and which exploits, malware and infrastructure will be used
  • Identify and build a complete profile of the specific groups involved in an attack
  • Work forensically to attribute past attacks to a specific threat actor

Predict. Understand. Defend.