Next generation supply-chain management and visibility

THEA™ is the next generation of supply chain management software. THEA™ helps quickly assess and mitigate the activities of foreign intelligence entities and other adversaries who attempt to compromise the supply chains of our government and industry.

These adversaries exploit supply chain vulnerabilities to steal America’s intellectual property, corrupt our software, surveil our critical infrastructure, and carry out other malicious activities. They infiltrate trusted suppliers and vendors to target equipment, systems, and information used every day by the government, businesses, and individuals. The cost to our nation comes not only in lost innovation, jobs, and economic advantage, but also in reduced U.S. military strength.

THEA™ enables our customers to easily fuse all of their internal data, in whatever form it exists and enrich it with a highly unique database, collected over the past 11 years from the open web, darknet, and deep web. Enabling full visibility and automated risk management into any organization supply chain.

A completely new way to assess risk to your supply chain.