We believe that achieving decision dominance is the critical difference between success or failure in the high stakes’ arena of national security.

Our families, our communities, our Nation expect the intelligence community – our joint warfighters – our law enforcement professionals – all who have a sacred duty to protect and serve – to keep us safe from harm from those that seek our demise.

Acting faster than the threat, inside the competitive decision cycle, is the essence of the art and science of achieving decision dominance. See First. Understand First. Act Faster.

At Special Support Technologies, we have created exceptionally advanced digital solutions that are scalable and interoperable with existing mission command systems to provide our joint warfighters with the real-time intelligence that is critical to accelerated decision making in extremely complex mission environments. Our platforms provide the relevant information for commanders to make crucial decisions faster than the enemy can recognize or act.

Our Story

We formed Special Support Technologies to provide joint warfighters “Decision Dominance” over malevolent actors to protect our country from harm. Our Tier 1 technologists, coupled with combat proven joint warfighting expertise, design systems that create synergy between the intelligence community and joint forces operating across all domains.

We provide the capabilities that allow commanders to visualize and assess the threat in real time – reduce their decision cycle – mitigate operational risk – and optimize the deployment of finite resources to defeat the threat on all fronts.

Our Capabilities

SST leverages the latest advances in technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Supervised Machine Learning, to develop multiple independent but complementary platforms. Our products include full spectrum Cyber and Digitally Enabled Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Operational Preparation of the Environment (OPE), and True All-Source Intelligence Mission Command capabilities that yield dominant effects by supporting critical Joint All-Domain Situational Awareness (JADSA) mission requirements.

SST is committed to Justified Confidence and the ethical principles adopted by the US Department of Defense.

Our Portfolio


True All-Source, All-Domain and Cross-Domain Cyber Intelligence Mission Command

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Full Spectrum Cyber and Digitally enabled Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance (ISR) Platform

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Digital Operational Preparation of the Environment (OPE) Platform

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Cybersecurity / Cyber defense Interactive Training Platform

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Predict and Identify Cyber Threats Before They Materialize

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