True All-Source, All-Domain and Cross-Domain Cyber Intelligence Mission Command

What is OMEGA™?

OMEGA™ is a digital ecosystem revolutionizing data collection, integration, enrichment, analysis, and visualization through an intuitive analyst interface powered by an Artificial Intelligence and supervised machine learning engine. One analyst becomes the equivalent of hundreds operating 24/7/365. OMEGA™ changes the game in the CJADC2 / MDO arena by correlating trillions of points of data into one coherent picture in minutes to rapidly cycle through the decision process to defeat threats before they can act.

OMEGA™ is the only fully combined system that enables you to easily perform True Data Federation and connect billions of disconnected and disparate databases and data sources from all domains, across all classification levels, without moving or copying the data. Thus, OMEGA™ enables scalability and flexibility to move at the speed of data.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - True Data Federation

OMEGA™ revolutionizes how disparate data is cleaned, organized, and integrated through true data federation. OMEGA™ keeps your data secure by NOT consolidating it in a centralized database. We simply index the data and apply privileged separation to protect your information.

OMEGA™ is the only solution that seamlessly and virtually connects all databases and data sources your organization controls. OMEGA™ does this securely and without copying, moving, or modifying your data in any way. Integrate Trillions of disparate records from an unlimited number of complex, disconnected and dispersed databases at Petabit scale - in near real-time.

Step 2 - All-Source Collection

OMEGA™ enjoys the unique advantage of integrating supervised machine learning Avatar Intelligence (AVINT). Our exclusive AVINT capability features exceptionally mature, highly qualified, and reputable Avatars. Our large-scale array of Avatars act as digital “undercover agents” to perform continuous All-Source Collection of the Web, social media and the Darknet.

Our AVINT capability is enhanced with the latest AI driven threat behavior and recognition features that continuously collect and store high value information at exponential scale. OMEGA™ provides exclusive access to high value information from the darkest corners of the net, to include private groups, chats, forums, and marketplaces. Gain immediate insight into impenetrable areas that remain inaccessible without extensive preliminary intelligence operations and the creation of proper credentials.

Step 3 - Data Enrichment

Accelerate JADSA dominance by seeing the whole picture, not just a few pieces of the puzzle. OLYMPUS, our 3PB+ proprietary database, grants access to exceptional information collected over the past 11 years from the open web, darknet, and deep web. This includes enriched information from all intelligence disciplines - OSINT, SOCMINT, WEBINT, SIGINT, MASINT, GEOINT, CYINT, FININT and HUMINT.

OLYMPUS also serves as the information repository for our AI / ML AVINT operations. Through intuitive infiltration over extended time horizons, our digital agents exploit placement and access to denied areas - gaining visibility that is no longer achievable.

Step 4 - Better, more informed decisions faster

OMEGA™ gives you the power of knowledge to direct decisive actions. With OMEGA™ you can operate at the strategic level and drill down to tactical granularity in seconds. Our custom, intuitive dashboard supports your mission command cycle to make critical decisions faster than the adversary. Allow OMEGA™ to provide the necessary information to focus finite resources, from national assets to a strategic reconnaissance team on the ground.

Every operation expends high-demand critical resources. Optimize those resources by executing with a 99% solution of fused intelligence.

Use OMEGA™ today to stay ahead of National Security threats.