End-to-End Omni-Domain Over-the-Horizon (OTH) Intelligence

What is OMEGA™?

OMEGA™ is a production-ready, off-the-shelf platform for full-spectrum intelligence collection, analysis, and visualization designed to provide end-to-end, omni-domain over-the-horizon (OTH) intelligence.

In an era of great power competition, where international, institutional, and societal norms are being upended by our adversaries, HUMINT assets have been stretched thin and SIGINT, GEOINT, and OSINT can no longer effectively corroborate the intelligence that we do have within a statistically significant parameter. To solve for these problem sets, OMEGA™ brings an unprecedented intelligence advantage that aids in force protection, asset resiliency, and decision space.

It only takes on piece of intelligence and everything can change in an instance. In today's world, organizations are buried in data. You have more data than ever but, in more times, than not, it’s useless. Data isn’t intelligence. More data isn't more or better intelligence. It’s just more noise.

Quantity means nothing without quality

The cliché of "finding the needle in the haystack" no longer applies. It’s not about how much data you have but rather the degree of its quality.

OMEGA™ gives you the ability to see the world more clearly and broadly. Discover highly valuable information that can change your entire perspective. OMEGA™ was designed with action in mind meaning the purpose of OMEGA™ is to enable the workforce of intelligence analysts, multi domain operators, and cybersecurity specialists to access the right information, understand it faster, and have all the relevant tools to action it for decision makers.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Collectors - Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI)

OMEGA™ capitalizes the unique advantage of integrating Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI). SST’s QAI technology features an array of QAI-powered digital capabilities that collect high value information from all over the world 24/7/365. From simple, low-security environments such as the open web and social media to deep /dark web and extremely high-security environments such as government and military organizations.

Our QAI capability is enhanced with the latest AI-driven threat behavior and recognition features that continuously collect and store high value information at exponential scale. Currently, OMEGA™ stores over 132 Petabytes of high-quality data with an average growth of 1-2 Petabytes every year.

Step 2 - Analyzers

While the raw information is always available for assessment, as soon as relevant data is collected and verified, a number of analytical tools are run at the point ingestion. From Optical Character Recognition (OCR), language translation and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to temporal, relational, geospatial analysis and other machine learning powered pattern recognition and analysis algorithms.

SST’s capabilities are designed to provide our workforce with a more comprehensive understanding of their AOR by generating more precise and actionable insights in a quicker and more efficient manner. SST enhances any mission center’s overall operational effectiveness and strategic decision-making processes.

Step 3 - Producers

Having the best intelligence in the world, analyzed by the best AI-powered analysis tools means nothing if we as humans can't interact with the information in an intuitive manner. Given most people consume information differently, OMEGA™ offers several options to consume data with a simple, intuitive web-based interface. SST’s options ranges from simple BI style UI to AI generated dashboards, discovery graphs, automated reports and knowledge management.

Regardless if you are a visual, auditory, read/write or Kinaesthetic learner, you can quickly customize your environment to best meet the needs of your mission center. Whether you prefer to read raw text in Table view or interact with your data with a responsive Dashboard or discover hidden connections via the Discovery Graph. These tools empower you to extract meaningful insights, establish semantic relationships, and effectively manage and consume knowledge.

Step 4 - Dissemination

Intelligence dissemination is a critical component of national security strategy. Effective intelligence sharing is one of the corner stones of a strong and effective defense; however, in this increasingly interconnected world, that has become increasingly complex for a variety of valid reasons. Chief among them - classification.

We must be able to share information with our allies and partners around the world. OMEGA™ enables your mission center to securely share information across different groups, units and allies. From raw data, processed intelligence or the final results / insights. All in a secure, contained environment.